Magento eCommerce Support

Magento eCommerce - Platform for Growth Buyx Online can support your Magento eCommerce store, from Installation, right through to Launch. We have developed a number of eCommerce stores, with great success and satisfaction. You may have a look at, or or

Please use the form below, to make contact. Try to give us as much info as you can, also try supply us with a web URL, so that we may familiarise ourselves with your website. You may also include your Developer's contact details or the Technical contact for your Web Host.
Welcome to the online world of eCommerce, I'm sure you'll find success.

Facebook Website Integration

Facebook Website Integration Buyx Online can help you leverage Sales and Traffic from the biggest Social Networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Using the FB:Like component and FB:Comments you can cross-pollinate your website, or eCommerce store with posts and comments directly onto FB Profile page. 100% automated and integrated.

Looking at the Screenshot, you can see multiple FB elements, such as the FB:Like which populates The FB wall with a picture and a little writeup text about your page, and the comments will populate back to your site, where you can administer all aspects.

For some examples of our Facebook and Twitter Integration, please visit the following stores,

If you'd like us to do the same for your website, please use the form below, to make contact. Try to give us as much info as you can, also try supply us with a web URL, so that we may familiarise ourselves with your website. You may also include your Developer's contact details or the Technical contact for your Web Host.
Welcome to the online world of eCommerce, I'm sure you'll find success.

eMarketing Services

eMarketing | SEO, Social Media, Increase Brand Awareness

In an ever growing online world you need to ensure that your potential customers find you on the web. Without a web presence your company is guaranteed to loose business to your competitors. Internet users use search engines such as Google (80%), Yahoo (20%) and Bing (10%) everyday to find a website providing a solution to their needs. To showcase your company to these users you need to ensure that your website is found on a higher rank than your competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of optimising your website so the search enigne spiders or bots can make sense of it and read your site as well as easing human navigation. Making sure not only that potential customers find your website in the Search Engine Results Pages but also making sure they reach what they need from your business.

Social Media has taken the world by storm and the fastest growing group on sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the Baby Boomers aged between 46 and 65. This group holds most of the world's currency, wouldn't you want to reach these users? There are many forms of social media but two main reasons companies decide to take part and open channels like these and those are

1) Companies actually care about their customers and clients and want to open communication and improve their services and products to better suit the needs of their clients or

2) To build brand awareness through viral marketing, incentive based marketing and location based social media. We will set up a social media strategy custom to your brand, products and goals.


SMS and Email Sending Service

Interspire - eMail Marketer Do you have a Newsletter subscription list ? Using Interspire eMail Marketer, You can now send SMS notifications with the same application. You can manage various Contact Lists, Mobile, or Email. Now you can send SMS messages to your customers, as if it was an Email, simple, easy.

Buyx Online can send and SMS for as low as 0.30ZAR - And we can negotiate a better rate depending on the volume you require.

Some of our other related services you may find of interest, Domain Keys Installation, SPF Records setup, Migrating your Email to Google (This include SMS meeting notifications). For Companies that may want to go Open Source, we can help you Migrate away from MS Outlook, over to Mozilla Thunderbird. Using MS Exchange ? No Problem, Calendar invites ? Absolutely !

If you require more info on our eMarketing Services, please use the contact form below. Try to supply us with any info you deem important, feel free to include your Technical contact if that would be esier.

Development Environments

You have the Clients, you have the Projects, and you have the Developers, but your Development Environment is not up to scratch and you don't have the resources in house to fix it. You would like to pay for this to be done once off and not pay a monthly fee. As soon as you are up and running you would like to administer the environment yourself and add changes as your company grows.

NO Problemo!

We specialize in

  • Linux Server Setup
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) Environment setup
  • SVN Setup and Migrations from CVS
  • Redmine and Trac Setup
  • Server Backups
  • Samba Server Setup for local network file sharing
  • Knowledge Tree Integration

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Buyx Linux Nagios Cacti Monitoring Server

Buyx Linux Nagios Cacti Monitoring Server Downtime == Losing Money Right ?

In most organizations, that's a fact, and with eCommerce, it's guaranteed. If your website is down, you are losing out on sales. For that reason we monitor and graph our servers, here at Buyx, 24/7. We are alerted to any error that may arise, within seconds.

Using Open Source Software we can take advantage of the latest Technologies, and we are free to combine various applications to create an holistic monitoring application, that can function Independently of your already existing Infrastructure.

Some key features include,
- Monitor any client, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Harware such as Routers and Switches, even Websites
- Can be accessed via a Mobile phone from virtually anyware, reception might be bad in a mine shaft :\
- Can be installed on an Encrypted Laptop, to sit anywhere in your organisation, looks great in the Boardroom (smirk)
- Alert you to Disc Space, Server Load, Memory, Website errors such as Error 500, 403, 404 etc. In addition this Application can monitor Databases, Mail Servers, the list is endless

Use the contact form below if you are interested, You may also put us in touch with your System Administrators, if all the Technical Jargon gives you a headache ;)

Buyx Specialized Linux Support

Buyx Specialized Linux Support
Buyx can help you with,
- Backup strategy, Off-site and Local, Incremental, and Full Backups
- SPF Records, Domain Keys or Mail Gateways to combat SPAM
  Click here to view the How-to !
- Cluster Solutions, GlusterFS or OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System)
- Linux Server Support
- Infrastructure Security and Penetration testing
- Migrating your Email to Google, with SMS meeting Alerts !
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